The concept

All our expeditions are private. You decide when you go and you will not be grouped with strangers, but share the experience with your close ones instead. Each journey will be tailored to match your personal interests and budget best for a truly authentic and unique experience. You can sleep on both ears: we have chosen cosy guest houses, comfortable inns or upscale boutique lodges. We prefer the latter described accommodation but due to the remoteness of some our expeditions, boutique or authentic housing isn’t always at hand. Instead, we have opted for the best available alternative. Each type of housing includes clean bed sheets, bathroom with western toilet & hot water shower and has internet access. Our essential packages are all-inclusive too, but include more budget-friendly housing. The premium packages come with housing upgrades, enhanced comfort and gastronomic experiences as well as little surprises to top your experience. Due to the remoteness of some our expeditions, our premium packages will not be available in all our destinations. Our expeditions are designed for all ages and for the entire family; our favourable discount for children, tour flexibility and personalised service attest to our claim. Travel from one place to another or stay based in one location; let us do all the work while you relax and enjoy your holiday in China!